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Primark刷式清洁剂-2英镑/Essence Clear Lip Liner- £2 //精光铅笔衬里——/ /£2.30Orly Color Blast- £2.99 // Essence Express Dry Drops


几周前,我发布了一些我从精华中学到的东西,我不得不回去寻找更多。I also had a quick look around the 18新利手机版怎么下载beauty section of TK-Maxx and bought this gorgeous Autumnal Orly nail polish for £2.99,bargain!Finally I spotted this 刷子清洁器在Primark,只需2英镑。
I couldn't resist as we don't have many bargain brush cleaners in shops.I also couldn't resist a few new items from Essence including a 透明唇线圈,gel waterproof linerand express dry drops我真的很感兴趣。

I'm trying out all these products so expect a few reviews coming up soon!!

Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned??

上周末,我和男朋友一起度过了一个轻松的周末,and it was very much needed.I've felt especially stressed with uni related work this past week so this weekend was perfect timing.

我们住在皇冠酒店,有一间最令人惊叹的房间,里面有一张四柱床和一个独立的浴室,非常漂亮。The first evening we decided to eat in as we arrived pretty late and the food was super tasty.I chose the chicken burger and I wish I could eat it again right now!!


早餐后,我们突然出来Josie's太棒了,我强烈推荐给南方和附近的人。The cafe itself was super busy and we waited a few minutes before a table was available,but the coffee and pan au raisin was well worth the wait.

I had such a lovely weekend and I wish I could do it all over again,rather than be swamped with uni work,但是,哦,好吧!!

How was your weekend?你做了什么有趣的事吗??

I know NYX is available in the UK from a few other places (NYXcosmetics.co.uk,,V.Y.CO.U.,,Amazon.co.uk) but being able to collect Boots points is a bonus you can get from ordering from Boots.

I'm most excited to try theButter Glossesand a couple ofblushes因为我听说了这些神奇的东西,所以我很快就会下订单了。


I'm going to start with a clich埃埃sentence...Autumn is my favourite season.我觉得每个人都这么说,but it really is for me.我不舒服的夏天的衣服,因为我喜欢被包裹起来,我总是会觉得冷,而不是太热。

Oversized Jumpers| Who doesn't love being all cosy and comfortable in an oversized jumper?!Another bonus (apart from being warm and comfortable) is that I can wear bralettes and triangle bras and be more comfortable - the bonus of having small boobs!!

绒毛袜| The main thing for me about Autumn is being warm and cosy and that definitely includes fluffy socks for me.I have far too many but that never stops me buying more.

Festive Coffeesicoffee normally,but festive coffees hold a special place in my heart (okay,maybe that's a little OTT?!)尤其是星巴克的太妃糖拿铁或Costas Sticky Toffee拿铁,我都喜欢节日饮品,秋天的到来意味着圣诞咖啡即将到来!尽管我会说-我觉得我是唯一一个从来没有尝试过南瓜辣味拿铁的人,他们只是吸引我!!

Leaves & Nature我喜欢看树叶变色,也喜欢看我去uni的路上地面上出现的七叶树。

Blankets and Candles| I feel these two go hand in hand.在床上依偎着几条毯子和蜡烛,房间里充满了灿烂的香味,it's calming and therapeutic.

篝火之夜最后,I love Bonfire night.我喜欢篝火的味道,穿上多层衣服等着放烟花。我小时候就喜欢看烟花,现在很多年了。

Dark Lipsticks and Nail Polishes| I adore wearing dark nail polish and dark lipsticks and this adds to why I love Autumn.Thisis my favourite Autumn lipstick at the moment if you're interested.

Do you love Autumn as much as I do??

My housemates and I all have matching ones but different colours!!

Being a stereotypical student usually includes going out at every single opportunity and rarely staying in.Yet tonight,I'm enjoying a Saturday night spend in,finishing the bottle of wine me and my boyfriend didn't have last night and binge watching Scandal on Netflix.

Sometimes it's nice to stay in and have some time to myself.Don't get me wrong I adore my housemates but sometimes I need a night off.Here are some of my favourite things to do when I have a night in.

Light candles| This is probably a very clich埃埃一个是我喜欢一支好蜡烛,现在普瑞马克有很多蜡烛可供选择。

Fairy Lights再一次,this sounds rather clich_但是仙女灯是我的最爱,让我的房间感觉更舒适。


网飞公司| Whenever I read Netflix now I automatically think 'and chill' and hate myself a little bit for it haha!Anyway,Netflix是我最好的朋友,尤其是当我总是喜欢某个系列的时候。

So this is how my night in is being spent and I can't wait to have a good nights sleep.


I absolutely love blogging,but there are also other things I love besides it.So today I thought I'd share those with you all and let me know what your favourite pastimes are too in the comments.

I've loved photography since I was about 11/12 and I always used to borrow my brothers camera to take pictures in the garden.I'd also ask my parents to take me to local parks where I'd spend hours taking photos.当我15岁的时候,我把圣诞节和生日的钱存起来给自己买了一台数码单反相机(佳能EOS 1000D)。我现在仍然用那台照相机写博客,我仍然很喜欢它,虽然我很想攒钱买一个新镜头,但作为一个学生,付账单和买食物是我的首要任务!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who could spend hours browsing online and adding far too many products into my basket,only to look at the total and close the tab completely and cry a little.

Okay okay I am the first to admit that I spend far too much time on Netflix but procrastination is something I've become pro at whilst being at uni.需要我说更多吗??

Going for coffee with friends
I love catching up with my friends and having coffee together and usually getting a slice of cake too.

我觉得这很普通,但我喜欢在外面吃饭。I'm not a good cook,所以为我出去吃饭是很好的,因为厨房里的其他人才为我提供美味的食物!I also love getting ready to go out and I'd eat out everyday if I could.

What are your favourite hobbies??

For as long as I can remember I've been a huge fan of Maybelline mascaras,范围从大睫毛是我的第一睫毛膏到他们的一个更新的版本鞭挞轰动。所以当我没有特别注意睫毛膏的时候,我很失望,因为我有很高的希望。I will also add,我通常不是一个对睫毛膏很挑剔的人,因为我喜欢和大多数人相处。

The mascara has two different brushes,one for bottom lashes and one for the top.顶部睫毛刷非常大和粗(如上图所示),并且刷毛的大小不同,这是为了捕捉你所有的睫毛。I personally really didn't get on with the brush as it just made my lashes stick together and look awful,but I liked the formula of the mascara.它只停留了一天,只有一点点污迹(这发生在我身上的睫毛膏上,even the waterproof ones).

睫毛膏是我睫毛膏最喜欢的部分。The brush is so tiny and cute and is made for your lower lashes and it does grab all of the lashes and it didn't smudge at all on me.I love the brush so much that I'm going to be keeping the brush so I can use it in future with other mascaras.

这睫毛膏不是我的,我不会再购买它,但我是一个巨大的风扇棒的睫毛较低。我喜欢这种睫毛膏的配方,but the wand for upper lashes just doesn't work for me.

Have you tried this mascara??