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I bought this a few weeks ago when Maybelline had a 2 for £10 offer on as I was in need of a new primer and had wanted to try this one for a while now.I've loved my Rimmel Fix and perfect primer for over 2 years now so I was a little hesitant trying a new primer,but I was pleasantly surprised.

The texture took some getting used to for me as I haven't used a silicone primer for a while,however it gives my skin a smooth base for my foundation and it's lightweight.I have found it prolonged the wear of my foundation by a few hours and it hasn't irritated my skin in any way.The packaging is a simple glass pot which I like as you can get all of the product,however the glass makes it a little less practical for travelling.

Overall I do like this primer and I will finish it,however I don't think I will repurchase it as I don't like it as much asRimmel's Fix and Perfect.

What's your favourite drugstore primer??

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This week has flown by it seems,but I also don't appear to have done much?!Just one of those weeks I guess.I bought some new rings though (both on my left hand and the bottom one on my right hand middle finger).I'm not quite sure why but I've been feeling a little sad recently,so I'm hoping next week is a better week.I also had a cute picnic with my friend yesterday in our garden,wishing for summery weather.

How has your week been??

p.s.I've now made a new instagram account for all things 18新利手机版怎么下载beauty.I just wanted it separate from my personal one,you can view my profilehereand follow me if you want to!!

A few weeks ago Superdrug had a 2 for £10 Maybelline offer on which I took full advantage of and treated myself to a lot of new products,so I thought I'd share them with you.I will have full reviews of these coming up soon so look out for those.

I will have reviews of all of these products on my blog in the next couple of weeks so look out for those if you're thinking of buying a particular product.So far my favourites are the Colour Drama Lipsticks,I have the shadesMinimalistandBerry Much,the Eraser Eye Concealer and finally the Flawless Nude Foundation.

Have you tried any of these products??

p.s.I've now made a new instagram account for all things 18新利手机版怎么下载beauty.I just wanted it separate from my personal one,you can view my profile here and follow me if you want to!!

This may not seem like a pleasant topic to talk about,but why not?I'm travel sick and knowing it takes me about 4 hours to travel from uni to home if I go home for a weekend is a daunting thought.So,following on from that I thought I'd share some of my tips with you,these may be helpful even if you're not travel sick.

Travel Sick Tablets| These are my first tip and although I know not everyone likes taking tablets,these save me every time.I can't even make it 20 minutes into a journey sometimes without hanging my head out the window and begging my Dad to pull over (beautiful image,I know!).I personally useStugeron,however I will say speak to your GP/Doctor/Pharmacist before buying any travel tablets as I am not medically trained in any way.

Headphones| I find listening to music is also something that helps,because it distracts me from thinking 'Am I going to feel sick?Do I feel sicksickor am I just nervous?'.I also can't read anything,or barely go on my phone whilst I'm travelling so headphones and calming music are the next best thing.

Sitting At The Front| Okay,so I know back in school the 'cool kids' sat at the back,but for me this was never possible.The teacher would always save a seat for me right at the front,and even though I'm no longer at school I still sit at the front.

Always Look Forward| This follows on from the two above points.I have to look forward when I travel,or sometimes out the window but no looking down at all.

Choose Your Travel Method Wisely| This one may not always be possible,for example travelling abroad.However,when I travel home for the weekend I could either go by train or coach and I choose the coach every time.For me,trains makes me anxious anyway so that would add to my fear of being sick but also coach is cheaper for me.

Travel Prepared| I always have a bottle of water and some mints in my bag when I travel,I guess they're just there 'just in case' but it comforts me knowing they're there.

I also find using travel sick bands very helpful if it's a really long journey,even though they're not the most stylish accessory they do work wonders.
I know this may seem a little gross to be posting this,but if you are travel sick I hope these tips help and if you have any other suggestions please leave them below.

What are your travel tips??


This week I celebrated my birthday with my uni friends as I wasn't here for my actual birthday.We also went out last night for valentines day and I've spent most of today watching Grey's Anatomy in bed,feeling a little sorry for myself as I'm hungover.Note to self: don't mix drinks,it only ends badly.I've been attempting to unpack from last week,but I just can't bring myself to do it,I hate unpacking.

How has your week been??

This lip lacquer was in the 2014 Soap and Glory Christmas Gift Box which I was recently given as a birthday present from my Mum.This lip lacquer really stood out to me as I'd never even seen it before and I was excited to try it.I've tried the other Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses and have found them hit and miss,but I really like this lip lacquer.

As you can see it has a doe foot applicator and it's super glossy,however not the kind of gloss that your hair gets stuck in thankfully.I've been wearing this as my go to daily lip product and I've got it in my handbag at all times.I love the formulation,the packaging is simple yet chic and the shade is perfect for everyday or nighttime if paired with a smokey eye.

I'm definitely going to picking up more shades,I've been eyeing upRiot.

Have you tried the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers??

I love ELF and some of my favourite products of theirs are the blushes from the studio line.They're affordable,so pigmented and have a little mirror which is always handy.I think I own every single blush from the studio range,but these 3 are my favourite.

Blushing rose is the perfect shade for Autumn/Winter as it's a warm rose colour with shimmer running through it.Luckily,the shimmer isn't OTT and you won't look like a disco ball once applied to your face.This has been my go to blush these past few months.

Twinkle Pink is a peachy pink shade with a lot of shimmer.I've heard that it's a dupe for NARS Orgasm,but since I don't own it I can't be 100% sure,either way it is a gorgeous blush.I find it a little too shimmery for everyday wear,but if you can always powder over the top to dampen down the shimmer.

Fuchsia Fusion looks a little daunting in the pan,however it's easily blended out and if applied with a light hand it gives your cheeks the perfect pop of colour.I like wearing this if I'm going out in the evenings however you have to be light handed with this as it's so pigmented.Once again this has glitter running through it,so if that's not your thing don't go for this blush!!

(From left to right)
Blushing Rose // Twinkle Pink // Fuchsia Fusion

Have you tried any ELF blushes?If so,which is your favourite??