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As usual this week has been very busy with assignments being set and in general I've only been getting through the days with the help of coffee.Lack of sleep is really getting to me so I am so grateful for coffee,even if most of my money daily goes to Starbucks whilst I'm at uni!!

How has your week been??

I'm sure everyone has had those days where you wake up late but still want to look fairly presentable (or you've woken up so hungover but don't want to go to uni looking like death in my case!).Well these are my go to products for that quick make up look that makes it look like you've spent time doing your make up!!

The foundation is illuminating so it makes you look more awake and just adding a little bit of powder over the top stops you getting oily throughout the day.Adding a little definition to your brows can really change your whole look and it's so simple to do.If I'm running late I don't have time for eyeliner because I just know it'd go wrong so a bit of eyeshadow solves that problem.Finally add a little mascara and you're done and can be running out the door!!

What are your quick make up essentials??


This week hasn't been the best week since I managed to drop my iPhone down the toilet and even though it was in a bag of rice for 6 days it still has water damage so I'm stuck using my phone from 7 years ago (good old Nokias!).Anyway,a photo of my Dominos was the last photo I managed to take on my iPhone haha!!

How has your week been??

p.s.I have a 18新利手机版怎么下载beauty post coming soon I promise!!


This week I moved back to uni and had the joy of early starts for lectures,exams,deadlines,lack of sleep and a lot of hangovers once again.I am glad to be back but I still can't get through the day without a coffee to keep me going.Overall I've had a really good first week back at uni!!

How has your week been??


I used to see this a lot onFlickrwhen I used to use my account regularly but I never tried it myself so this year I'm going to attempt it.I'll be taking 1 photo per week and uploading it and doing a little summary of my week.I'm interested to see if I can keep this up as in summer I did the30 Day Snap Challengewhich Louise (Sprinkleofglitter) created and somedays I found that difficult.

I'm really looking forward to doing this and hopefully I'll complete it too!!

Have you ever tried the 52 weeks project or something similar??

(Image taken and edited by me)

I'm not making New Year's resolutions because I never stick to them so instead I've come up with a few aims for 2014,some to do with my blog and some 18新利手机版怎么下载beauty ones as well.So here they are...

1)Blog more often- I'm sure this must seem like a cliché aim for most people with blogs but I'm really going to try and stick to this.Since starting uni my life changed completely and I was finding myself spending less time online which meant less time blogging but this year I'm going to try and change this.

2)Check out more blogs- I read and appreciate every comment I get and I always try my best to reply to them all,but I want to check out every blog that leaves me a comment.I've been doing this more recently but I'm going to try and keep it up.

3)Get more use out of the make up I have- Since moving to uni I've realised what products I really do love and what products I left at home and missed.I'm aware that I own a ridiculous amount of make up considering I only have one face and can only wear so many products at once,so this year I'm going to try and switch up my make up more often and use what I have.

So they are my aims for 2014 and even though there are only a few I'd rather have a few achievable aims than a long list of ones I'll never complete!!

If you've made any,what are your resolutions or aims for this year??

First of all Happy New Year!I hope 2014 is a great year for you all and it's filled with happiness.I love looking back at my photos from throughout the year so I decided to make a collage with one photo from each month.2013 hasn't been the best year of my life but I've got good memories of this year too,it's not all bad.

Snowy weather // 18th birthday // Revision taking over my life
2 week old kitten // Last day at school // End of A-level exams
Girls holiday in Greece // Bought my Macbook Pro // Uni room
New favourite lipstick // Festive Starbucks // Christmas coffee back at home

I have a lot of other photos from 2013 as I'm constantly taking photos but I thought these summed up each month pretty well (excluding all the drinks and nights out but they're not pretty pictures haha!)

What are you looking forward to in 2014??
Also what posts would you like to see from me in the upcoming year??