Last month I blogged about my3最喜欢的夏季产品在那篇文章里我提到波乔小圆罐奶油腮红in03 Rose Tender。我以为是时候A做一个全面的回顾了,even though it's probably obvious that I really love this product.

我只有几颗胭脂红,因为我一直对使用它们有一点警惕。worried I'd end up looking like a clown (not a look i want to go for!).不过,在尝试了波乔面霜腮红后,我真的想买其他颜色的范围。

就包装而言,在我看来,这几乎是完美的。它有一块磁铁来保持关闭,a good sized mirror and the whole product has sleek packaging.

You may be able to see the tiny amount of shimmer in the swatch,however it's not visible once applied onto your face.I find using a small stippling brush gives the best results,although using your fingers also works well if you don't own a small stippling brush.这腮红的持久力是惊人的,因为它给你一个美丽的露珠外观一整天。The blush is a cream to powder blush which I really like and it's so easy to blend.


Have you tried the Bourjois Cream Blushes??

早在六月我就提到 post that I had purchased a few items from FashionistA到目前为止,我最喜欢的产品是 Eyebrow Kitwhich is still on sale for £3.50 (usually £7).This kit has replaced my previous favourite which was the ELF Eyebrow Kit.

The packaging is sleek and is really sturdy which is always a bonus when it sometimes gets chucked in my make up bag in a rush!!

据我所知,调色板只有一个阴影,but the kit has 3 separate brow powders,a wax,一对镊子,a mini eyebrow brush and a mirror!!

自从买了这个眉毛以后,我每天都用它,我非常喜欢。I was slightly worried at first that I wouldn't find a powder that matched my brows,但我只是混合了前两种粉末,非常适合我。I will admit though,我不使用蜡,因为我个人更喜欢使用 ELF Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara,说蜡仍然可以很好地保持眉毛的位置!!


What's your favourite product to use on your brows??

你们中有些人可能知道,也可能不知道,我其实是个爱猫的人。2012年10月,我在家里养了一只名叫Smokey的漂亮小猫,并发了一篇关于它的帖子。 here他现在已经一岁多了。四月份,我的小猫妈妈养了更多的小猫,我又发了一个帖子(包括很多可爱的照片) here.Well now,the last kitten was being re-homed but I obviously had to have a cuddle before he/she went.I thought I'd share a few photos with you,仅仅因为well kittens are cute!!


cat selfies hahaha.

A little comparison photo.(左边2周大,右边16周大!)

I hope you're all having a good day!我保证很快会发布更多与美容相关的帖子。18新利手机版怎么下载

I do find blogging enjoyable otherwise I wouldn't keep writing up blog posts,但是有一些事情让我写博客文章更容易一些。

I'm not a tea person,I can't stand it even though yes,我是英国人。没有咖啡我一天都不能准备好,所以当我写博客的时候,它只会让我继续前进,喝一杯热饮总是不错的。(把它放在一个可爱的杯子里也有助于哈哈!)

Basket of products
当我写一篇评论或只是谈论产品的时候,如果产品很容易访问,我会更容易。我也用这个篮子每天为我化妆,so it makes sense to write up a blog post about a product I've been using and loving recently.

Blog Planner
First off,我没有创建这个博客策划器。I found it on this lovely blog,,家庭教师自白.我在谷歌搜索一个博客策划器,然后发现有一个免费的可打印的。here- I use the2013 Colourful Blog Planner您可以查看和打印在这里。
Having a blog planner has made my life so much easier.这意味着我不必在脑子里计划职位,这只意味着我可以写下我的想法和笔记,也可以把它们放到月历上。

All of these make my blogging experience more relaxed and organised for me.

What are your essentials for when you blog??

As usual I ended up in my local靴子工作前,我对展台上的化妆品不太在意,但在看护肤品时,我注意到了一种以前从未见过的产品。简单的.那是Simple Kind To Skin Moisture Boost Hydro Mist Spray50毫升的产品零售价为5.99英镑。

就包装而言,我没有抱怨,因为它只是一个类似于其他包装的喷雾瓶。 简单的范围。这种喷雾是为了让你自然的露珠皮肤,吸引我立即进入产品,因为我喜欢一个露珠的外观相比,哑光的外观。It contains 2 vitamins that are beneficial for your skin,, pro vitamin Bvitamin E.这些喷雾也包含两个“亲肤成分”which are 荷花甘油。以及这些元素,like other 简单的products it has no perfume,colour or harsh chemicals which puts me at ease knowing I'm not putting these onto my skin.I personally get on with 简单的products,虽然我知道有些人根本不知道,but it really works well for my skin.

在我看来,实际的喷雾本身是非常出色的。我只喷了几次(最好的结果是在脸上大约20-30厘米处喷洒2-4次喷雾剂),我的皮肤立刻变得水合,但它不会让我的皮肤感觉粘乎乎的。它也会很快变干,让我的皮肤看起来像露水,I wish I had this product in my collection when it was really hot here in England because it is so refreshing!!

因为它只是一个小瓶子,this has both pros and cons in my opinion.一个缺点是,我认为5.99英镑对于50毫升的产品来说有点贵,however on the other hand it's the perfect size to just chuck in your handbag or make up bag.

总体而言,我很高兴我买了这个。I think I would still re purchase it,despite it being a little pricey but just to refresh my face whilst I'm at work or out shopping it's definitely handy.

Have you tried the Simple Kind To Skin Moisture Boost Hydro Mist Spray?If not,would you be interested in trying it??

像往常一样,我最终靴子午休时,我买了17野金属奶油眼影in野裸for £3.99.I'd seen these a few times in靴子但我从来没买过,因为我一直担心眼影霜会起皱,however I was wrong!!

The packaging isn't anything overly special,但是它很实用,并且在盖子上有一些细节。说I'll be storing this cream eyeshadow upside to increase the longevity of it.
The actual eyeshadow is so creamy and so easy to apply.它可以作为底座使用,也可以单独使用。两人都取得了辉煌的成绩,让我高兴的是,我穿了一整晚后,它没有皱褶。

我见过一些人把这些奶油眼影和Mac油漆罐作比较,但是因为我没有,我无法比较这两个,但我认为最好先买一个预算奶油眼影看看我是如何找到它们的。除了讨价还价,there are 6 shades in the range,包括一些明亮的色调。

总体而言,我喜欢这个 17眼霜因为它只是给我的眼睛一点颜色,因为有轻微的闪光,但没有闪光。It's also just so easy to pop it on if you're in a rush with a little bit of mascara and your eye make up is done!!

Have you tried the 17 Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadows??

So today I decided I should finally sort through my make up bags downstairs,正如我妈妈一直告诉我的,我的化妆品到处都是。我只是说“是的,好吧”,不知道有多糟,但今天我意识到我不需要长时间的化妆(可能是一辈子),但我的心愿单上仍然有这么多的产品!I attempted to go on a spending ban in October 2012 and I even made a post about ithere,and in that post there's a picture of what used to be my 'every day make up basket' that has now overflowed into 3 make up bags,a cardboard box and a jiffy bag,oops!!

Just a little 新利18kdisclaimer,我确实有工作,选择把钱花在化妆上。

This is the mess I started with after I just tipped everything out!!



Bronzersblushers and highlighters.

眼影调色板,eyelid primers and single eyeshadows.


最后,a few lip glosses,唇膏和唇膏处理。

I now need to organise all of this and decide what I really want in my everyday basket for this week and I'm going to try and alternate between products every week so I get more use out of them!!

Does anyone else get stuck in a routine of using the same make up daily or is it just me??