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I recentlybloggedabout the newTopshoplipstick in the shadeBrighton Rockfor £8.It's the firstlipstickfromTopshopthat I've tried,I have read a lot of reviews about how much people love them but as you may know I'm not usually a massive fan of lip products.I wanted a lipstick that I could wear out and something that would be nice for Spring/Summer as well.

As you can see it's actually quite neon looking in the tube but it's not once you've applied it,it is still very bright but it's wearable.I don't usually wear lip products as I've said before because I don't really like my lips and don't want to draw attention to them,but I've learnt to embrace them and so I'm going to be trying brighter lip products!I love that it's matte since I don't usually like wearing lip products that have glitter/shimmer in,for some reason it makes me feel uncomfortable (weird I know!) - I think they suite other people,just not me.Even though it's matte it's not too drying as long as you apply a lip balm underneath,it's actually quite creamy.

I love theTopshoppackaging as always,I think it's cute and slightly different to some drugstore packaging. It lasts a good 4 hours for me before it needs to be re-applied and in this time it does including eating and drinking which I think is a good measure of how long it lasts!!

Have you tried anyTopshop唇产品?If so,what would you recommend??

At the beginning of the year I blogged about Revlon Lip ProductsI bought.One of the products I've been reaching for recently is the Lip ButterI bought in Stawberry Shortcake.They're currently £7.99 in Boots,however I did buy mine for £5 because like I've said a few times I hadn't previously been too fond of lip products.Saying that,I do really like this lip butter.

This swatch is after only applying it lightly however you'll see in the photo below it is very build-able.

The difference between the two swatches is quite noticeable but like I said it's build-able which I love.

First of all I love the packaging and how it has a quilted looking design on the lipstick lid.There is also quite a large range of shades available so I'll definitely look into buying more when I next go to Boots.The first thing I noticed when I applied this for the first time was how moisturizing it is,which is why it's so quick and easy to apply.You don't need to worry about using a mirror to make sure you don't get it all over your face which is always a bonus if you're in a rush!The only 'downside' to this is that because it's so moisturizing it gets used quite quickly (I took all of these photos the day I bought it so you could see what it looks like before it's used).

As you can see from the swatches the colour is easy to build up to a brighter pink,but if applied lightly is just a slight bit of colour added to your lips so you can adapt how you apply it to suit the occasion.I've been using this a lot recently because it's just a lovely everyday wearable colour.I'd definitely recommend you'd try these if you haven't already!!

What are your favourite shades from the Revlon Lip Butterrange??

Yesterday Ibloggedabout the newMUAproducts I'd purchased and so I wanted to try them out so I can do reviews soon.Therefore,most of the products I've used today areMUA.

| 1)MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation~Porcelain| - £5
So far I'm enjoying using this foundation as it's easy to apply and blends in nicely which makes all the difference when I'm trying to do my make up in a rush.

| 2)MUA Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primer| - £5
This primer smooths out my skin considerable amounts although I'm unsure on whether I prefer my primer to have a pump like this one does.

| 3)Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit~Porcelain - Beige| - £3.50
This kit seems to have a very creamy formulation which I love because it makes application and blending so much easier.

| 4)Undress Me Too Palette| - £4
I used a few shimmery shades and so far I'm really impressed with the pigmentation.

| 5)Collection Skyscraper Mascara~Black |£4.99
I've been loving this mascara for a while now and I love it,it's so affordable and doesn't clump.

| 6)Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara~Superjet Black| £10
I am also loving this mascara,it adds so much volume to my lashes and isn't impossible to remove at the end of the day like some of my mascaras are!!

| 7)Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder| £3
This highlighter is just so beautiful in pan and on cheekbones.I think this may become one of my favourite highlighters!!

| 8)ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit~Light| £3.75
I first bought this eyebrow kit a while ago and I have honestly used it every day since and I have hit pan so I really need to re-purchase it.I only use the wax side as I feel that's enough for my brows.

| 9)ELF Cream Eyeliner~Black| £3.75
I go between myRimmel Exaggerate Eyelinerand this cream eyeliner.I chose the cream eyeliner today since I bought a newMUA Eyeliner Brush.This eyeliner stays on for hours with no smudging at all.

I apologise for having two hauls in a row but I made an order fromMUA (Make Up Academy)Tuesday afternoon and I was surprised when my make up had arrived this morning,meaning it only took two days!Some of the items I bought were on sale,so I'll put in the prices that I paid.

First of all I purchased the Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundationin Porcelainwhich was only £3.There were only 3 shades available ( Porcelain,Beigeand Golden)and so obviously I went for the lightest shade since I'm quite pale.I'm going to be trying out these products today so I can do reviews on them!!

To go with the Illuminating FoundationI bought the Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primerfor £3.I absolutely love my Rimmel Primerbut I thought I'd try this primer so it's on offer.So far I love the packaging from the new 'Undress Your Skin' range.

The final item I bought from the 'Undress Your Skin' range was this Highlighting Powderwhich was only £2.I love trying out new highlighters since I think they can really change how your make up looks and the product in the pan looks gorgeous which is why I wanted to try it!!

Next I bought the Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kitfor £3.50 in Porcelain - Beige.I was drawn to this because on the MUA websiteit claims this kit"conceals discolouration,imperfections and redness"and so I'm excited to try this out!!

最后我得到了新的 Undress Me Too Palettefor £4.I know this is meant to be a dupe for the Naked 2 palette and a follow on from the MUA Undressed Palettewhich I featured in a last summer and since I loved that I was eager to buy this.So far I'm liking the new white packaging,change is nice sometimes.

I also bought two brushes,the first being the F2 Stippling Brushwhich was only £3.I like that this is a smaller stippling brush than my ELF Stippling Brush.I also think it's good they have numbers and letters for the brushes so they're easy to find on the website.

Finally,I bought the E4 Eyeliner Brushwhich is a bargain at only £1.50!I found this a bit more difficult to photograph so I apologize the photos are of it separated but I thought the fact it can separate and the handle becomes a cover is also a useful factor of this brush!I really needed a new eyeliner brush for my gel eyeliner and I couldn't resist at only £1.50.

Have you tried any MUAproducts recently??

Today I went shopping for a few things and I ended up buying myself more make up and some brushes!I feel like I can justify buying these things when I'm meant to be saving because I got some birthday money (which I felt I had to spend rather than save,oops).

I had seen so many people say how much they loved the Real Techniques brushes so I bought theCore Collectionfor £21.99.I cannot wait to use these brushes tomorrow morning but I took a few photos of the brushes close up before I use them so when I review them they won't be all dirty!!

Next I went intoTopshopand ended up buying a couple of bits ofmake upfrom there.I've never tried anylipornailproducts from there but I have tried a couple ofblushesand ahighlighterwhich I love so I thought why not?!So I bought theBrighton Rock Lipstickfor £8 and I'm wearing it now and I love it so far!It is quite bright but it's build-able and still wearable which is great.

Finally I bought theRazzmatazz Nail Varnishfor £6.It really caught my eye because I've not got any glittery purples and it just looks gorgeous.I was going to try theirPeel Off Nail Varnishbut I wasn't sure how much it would chip since you can peel it off and I'd not done enough research to decide so maybe next time!!

(Excuse the state of my nails,I've not had time to re-paint them!)

This is what happens when I try and take blog photos whilst my kitten is around - he ends up attacking anything he can including my lens cap!!

Have you got your eye on any make up at the moment??

The sun is finally out again in England and it makes everything seem better!I haven't been blogging much lately and I apologise for that but I've been fairly busy with my birthday and school work!!

The other weekend I went away to Cambridge for the day and it was beautiful as always!I still want to go punting,but I think I'll wait until summer when it's not as cold!!

It was my birthday a few weeks ago too and I got a beautiful Pandora bracelet from my parents and I'm going to buy a couple of charms for it over the next few months!!

Finally a standard picture of the sun!It's nice to not have rain and cloud for a few days,it always improves my mood when it's sunny!!

Are you enjoying the sunny weather these past few days??

I mentioned in arecent haulthat I bought theBourjois Healthy Mix Serumfor £7.99 inBoots.I think Imayhave found my staple foundation at last!I've spent a lot of time and money trying to find a foundation I really love that matches my skin tone and works well for me.I do still love my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation but it takes a lot of blending to match my skin tone which isn't great when I'm in a hurry.

This has a slight scent to it,but it's not noticeable once you've applied it,but it's not an unpleasant scent and it's quite subtle.My shade is51 Vanille Clair (Light Vanilla)and it's the lightest shade available.I didn't swatch it before buying it which is a bit risky but there were no testers available.It is almost the perfect match,it's still very slightly too dark but being as pale as I am I always struggle trying to find a perfect match!!

It's a gel foundation and it claims to have a 'half-matte finish' which I'd say is true.It still leaves your skin looking healthy (hence the name Healthy Mix) but it doesn't look oily.For me this foundation lasts about 8 hours before it starts wearing off a little unless I apply myMAC Mineralize Skin Finishpowder.

Shade 51is actually a very good match for my skin,it does oxidize very slightly near the end of the day but it's usually around the time I'm taking my make up off so it lasts a good 8 hours beforehand!I can't compare this to theBourjois Healthy Mix Foundationsince I've tried it because every time I go into my localBootsthey don't have a shade pale enough for me!I'd love to try it when I can get my hands on it though.

What's your favourite foundation??