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The other at work I decided to go into Bootson my lunch break and spend some of the money I'd earnt that day.Since they had a 3 for 2 offer for all Rimmelproducts I chose to buy some new make up.

First of all I bought a newnail varnish(405 - Rose Libertine)which I'd heard about before,it's such a pretty colour and the fact it claims to dry in 60 seconds made it more appealing because I hate waiting for my nails to dry.It was only £3.69 as well,which is a really good price.I've worn this already and it does dry very quickly and stays on the nails for a good few days before chipping.

This next product is the main reason I chose to buyRimmelproducts.I've heard so many good things about theirStay Matte Powderso I thought I'd give it a try and see if it is worth it.It was only £3.99 which is a lot cheaper than theMac MSF NaturalI bought recently.It seems to be a good powder so far and does keep my skin matte throughout the day.I'd definitely recommend this as a drugstore powder.I have mine in01 translucentsince as I always say I'm so pale.

Edit:As much as I love this powder,it appears to have broken me out,so I don't think I can keep using it anymore.

Finally this is the third product I bought fromRimmel.I've purchased thisSoft Khol Eyelinerbefore and love using it for my tight line to make my lashes appear thicker.My current one is getting small and this was a good time to purchase it whilst the offer was on.I have mine inJet Blackand it was only £2.99 so this is the product I got for free.

I also wanted to buy a new liquid eyeliner,and I saw thisExtreme 24 Hour Felt Tip LinerfromCollection 2000.It claims to last 24 hours,and even though I don't think that's true,it does last all day when I wear it (about 7/8 hours).

A while ago I purchase theELF Translucent Matte Powderfor £3.75 and I've only just got round to trying it.I regret not using it sooner,since I can see this becoming a favourite.It does exactly what it says in the title,however the only 'negative' comment about this is that it isn't actually translucent.It's a tiny bit orange,but it is probably fine for other people,I am just ridiculously pale.

I really like the packaging as usual and I like that it has a mirror too,it's always useful.Like I said before it definitely does make the skin more matte (if that's the right way to word it?!).I'll be using this a lot more and I'm glad I have this in my collection.For the price I'd say it's a must have in my collection and I'll definitely re-purchase this.
Yesterday I bought my first everMACproduct that wasn't from a blogsale.I've wanted to buy something for ages but I wanted something I'd use everyday and that I'd get good use out of.I bought theMineralize Skin Finish Naturalinlightsince I am very pale.It was £21 but everyone else say it's worth it!!

I haven't used it as of yet,but when I have I'll definitely do a review.Like I've already said I do have high hopes for this and especially as it's summer,having a good powder is vital.

I hope you're all well xx

On my lunch break on Saturday I decided since I had £10 worth ofBootsvouchers that I should spend them since there was a couple of things I wanted.And I thought I'd do a post on what I bought.

So I finally went and bought theCollection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealerafter I'd seen so many amazing reviews about it.I got it in'Fair'and I haven't actually used it yet,but I'm sure I'll love it.It's only £4.19 and has been compared toMACconcealers,so I do have high hopes for this concealer.

I also bought theCollection 2000 Sheer Loose Powderwhich was only £2.99 but I can't find it on the Boots website,so I'm not sure if they're discontinuing it,but it's still available on theCollection 2000website.I've never bought a loose powder before and since I had money to spend,I thought I should try it.

Finally the last thing I bought was thisCollection 2000 Supersize mascarawhich was once again,only £2.99.It was an impulse buy but I don't usually just wear one coat of mascara,so I thought I'd try something new.

I'll do a review on all of these products once I've used them.

This is also how the English 'summer' is looking currently...