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L'Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipstick200Like AVirgin- £6.99

A few weeks ago I wrotethisblog post about my new purchases from Boots and this was one of them.When I ordered it I'd not read any reviews about the lipstick,and I hadn't even seen anyone mentioning it so I was surprised when it arrived.

l'oreal infallible matte max lipstick,,
申请人不是我期待的,and it reminds me of an eyeshadow stick.I was curious as to how this would work for picking up the product.As you can see from the photo above,all of the lipstick itself is in the lid and you just dip it in the end and voila.I quite like the idea of the applicator,although it took a few uses to get used to it,purely because it's not what I expected!The shade itself isn't the shade I expected,it's a lot more bright than the swatch on the Boots website,but it's perfect for Spring.

l'oreal infallible matte max lipstick,lipstick swatch,,
It's wearable for both day time and evening,without being too in your face for the day time.I've been loving wearing it to uni and going out for the day.The staying power is pretty good too,but after a few hours of chatting and drinking coffee,it does need to be touched up.It's not drying on the lips either which is great,as we all know that matte lipsticks can be.

I have enjoyed wearing this lipstick and I'm glad it's in my collection as it's my current go to everyday lipstick for Spring!I'm definitely going to pick up a few more shades I have my eyes on (001 and 006 so far are looking like the ones to try next).

Have you tried these lipsticks??

I've recently started wearing red lipstick more,and this has become one of my favourites.It's honestly the perfect red and I pair it with myRimmel Red Dynamite Lip Liner.It's an extremely pigmented lipstick that doesn't dry out my lips and is actually quite moisturising  The lipstick lasts a good few hours before I need to reapply and I really do love wearing this.

As you can see this really is a perfect red shade and I think it would suit all skin tones too.I know I'll repurchase this when I run out as it's one of my favourite lipsticks so far.

Have you tried any of the Color Riche Lipticks??

One thing I've always struggled with buying is a foundation that's pale enough for my skin.I'm super pale,as in"you look ill are you okay?"kind of pale (thanks to my Irish genetics).These are my 3 favourite foundations from the drugstore that do match my skin tone yay!!

L'oreal True Match - C1 Rose Ivory
This is my absolute favourite out of the 3 and I know it's popular among other bloggers too.It's such a lightweight formula but still gives good coverage and a lovely finish that's not too dewy or too matte,perfect.I'm actually going into town this afternoon to repurchase this foundation as I need it back in my life!!

Rimmel Match Perfection - 010 Light Porcelain
I remember finding this shade in Tesco last year and being so amazed that it was pale enough for me.Yet again this is also popular among bloggers.This was my go to foundation for months and it's the cheapest out of all 3.I sometimes have difficulty finding this shade in stores but when I do it's brilliant.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - Vanille Clair
This is the darkest foundation out of all 3 and does match my skin tone but I have to make sure I really do blend this well.It's a slighter thicker formula than the other too and gives a bit more coverage.As this is a gel formula it is slightly different to what I usually go for,but it leaves a beautiful finish.

What are your favourite drugstore foundations??

Since the weather has been wonderful in England I thought it was a good time to write up a post on my current favourite 18新利手机版怎么下载beauty products for summer.I will point out,I've not included a BB cream because I am currently testing a couple out.

1.Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer- £9.99
I have previously done a review on this primerhere,however I feel as if it doesn't get the hype it deserves on blogs and Youtube.It's my current go to primer since it does brighten up my face and works well as a primer.It saves me applying a lot of highlighter later on in my make up routine and it doesn't look over the top as either.

2.Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream- £2.99
This is a fairly new purchase for me but I'd seen so many people raving about it that I thought I should try it out.Mine is in the shadeCotton Candyand I am loving this lip cream.It's extremely cheap and applies easily and isn't drying.It also smells like vanilla cakes which for me,is a bonus.It does stay on the lips for a good few hours before it needs re-applying.

3.Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blush- £7.99
This is also a new product for me,however I love it already.It's a cream blush in the shade03 Rose Tenderand it's the prettiest pink colour.It's a cream to powder finish and is super easy to apply and long lasting.I'll be posting a full review of this blush in the next couple of weeks,so look out for that!!

What are your favourite summer 18新利手机版怎么下载beauty products??

Whenever I buy a new product that I like I will go through a phase of using it every day but after a while I end up forgetting about it and just adding it to my make up collection.I'm trying to stop doing this and so I may try and do these posts regularly.It's just going to involve me showing you a few products I love again after not using them for a while.

| 1)L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer| £9.99
I did areviewon this a few months back,and I loved it when I started using it but I sort of forgot about it for a few months.I am so glad I've found this again,I have fallen in love with it again!It's a beautiful illuminating primer which I am currently just applying it to my cheek bones,under my foundation and it gives me a subtle but pretty glow.

| 2)Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum~51 Vanille Clair| £10.99
I do still love this foundation,and I've never had any problems with it!I even did areviewof it just over a month ago,however when I bought theMUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating FoundationI also really liked that so I abandoned myBourjois Healthy Mix Serum.I find this gives me a medium coverage and lasts for the majority of my day without any problems with it making my skin looking oily.It has a pleasant (and subtle) scent to it before you apply it,but once it's been applied you cannot smell anything!!

| 3)MAC Semi Precious Highlighter~Crystal Pink| £14.50
I bought this from a discount make up store in October last year and I thought it was so beautiful,but like the other products since then I just started using different products.I've been using the highlighter in this (the outer circle) and it is the most gorgeous highlight and I wish I'd kept using it!It's build-able if you want a more obvious shimmer to your cheeks,也可以是微妙的。If you can find this in a discount store or online,I'd recommend trying it!!

| 4)ELF Mineral Eye Brightener| £3.50
I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog before,but I bought it a couple of months ago and used it for about a week and gave up on it.The only reason I gave up on it was because I am quite lazy in the mornings and using another product on my face was time consuming!However,I've been using this again for about a week and I love it once again.It makes my concealer stay longer and sets it.The only 'downside' to this is that it makes a complete mess,but it is a mineral product which means it won't be the tidiest product so I shouldn't really complain!!

Does anyone else forget about products after a couple of weeks?!!

I apologise for having yet another haul post,but Boots still has the 'Buy one get one half price' offer so I have to take advantage of it!!

I've wanted to try these products for a while now and I thought buying them whilst on offer was the best way to save money in case I wasn't too keen on some of the products.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation in shade51.I don't think I really needed to buy two new foundations in one week but I've always wanted to try a Bourjois foundation.Ideally I would have bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundations but there wasn't a light enough shade for me.Anyway I'm excited to try this foundation because I've not seen many reviews on it,which could mean it's awful,但我试一试吧!!

Next is L'oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer,I'd seen this last week when I bought these products but for some reason I didn't buy it and then I regretted it.So this week I bought it and although I've not tried it yet I think it'll be a good product.

I've seen MissBudget18新利手机版怎么下载Beauty rave about this product so I thought it was worth a try since I've not actually tried any Soap and Glory cosmetics yet.For £10 I'm hoping it will be worth it since my favourite concealer at the moment (Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection) is only £4.19!!

Finally I bought the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Varnish for £3.99.I've not bought Barry M nail varnishes in a long time,even though I do love them,so I thought I'd try something from their new range.This is in the shade'Pomegranate'and it's a beautiful red colour.

Have you bought anything whilst this Boots offer is on??