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Les Calanques + A Few Tips | Marseille,France

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A few weeks ago I posted about我的马赛之旅last month,and I also said I'd be writing a post about our visit to La Calanques.We visited Les Calanques twice,once on a boat trip and the second time we walked hiked to visit them.The trip down to Les Calanques was alotharder than I thought it was going to be,我不是最合适的人,and that's probably one reason I struggled haha!!

I decided to wear gym leggings,trainers (sturdy ones are definitely needed,not just converse) a t-shirt and a kimino just as a cover up.

These views don't quite show how far you have to walk down,but basically,你走到海边可以欣赏到美丽的景色。

We made it to this point after I had a mini breakdown about how I couldn't do it anymore.Right okay so I've made myself sound like a right diva,and I'm not.So I don't like heights,and I'm not the strongest swimmer so walking along a one-person-wide path (that was basically just rocks,不是一条真正的路),当一个死人从岩石上掉到海里时,我吓了一跳。However,luckily my boyfriend managed to put up with my mini breakdown and encouraged me to continue and it was so worth it.

After a bit more hiking and rock climbing we made it to the sea and these beautiful views made all of the hiking and tears worth it.The sea was so blue and it was breathtakingly beautiful and I'm so glad I didn't give up on the walk,because I'd regret it now.

A few tips if you're going to walk down to Les Calanques:
  • Pack enough water for the day as there's no facilities
  • Pack some wet wipes or tissues,there's no toilets anywhere ladies!!
  • Bring snacks and lunch because after a lot of walking you will be hungry
  • Bring a coverup or jumper as it can be a little chilly if you're in the shade
  • Remember towels.There isn't sand (or at least the places we went) and you'll be sat on rocks,so towels are definitely needed
  • Suncream,suncream and more suncream!!
  • Bring a hat.I forgot and that was one thing I wish I had with me
  • Don't give up,the views are well worth it I promise
Les Calanques were absolutely beautiful,and although the walk was tough,it was so worth it and it's alsofreeto visit them.They were also really quite busy,so if you want a day of it I'd say try and get there as early as possible to get a good spot if you want to be by the sea all day.

Have you ever visited Les Calanques??

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