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How To Make Cleaning Brushes Enjoyable

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I think it's safe to say most of us find washing our makeup brushes a tedious task,but I've got a few tips for you that will make it a little less boring,and maybe even enjoyable!A little while ago I wrote about how I deep clean my brushes and you can read thathere.

1 | Watch Netflix as you clean
This one is my favourite as it really does make the task seem less dull.I tend to pop on Gossip Girl or whatever I'm watching at the time and it keeps me occupied and I sort of forget I have loads of brushes left to wash!!

2 | Don't wash all your brushes at once
I used to do this and be faced with a pile of 20+ brushes and sigh at the thought of washing them all.Now,I wash my brushes at separate times and that way I'm only doing 5/6 at a time and it seems a lot more manageable.

3 | Tackle the dirtiest brushes first
I find tackling the dirtiest brushes (usually foundation brushes) first gets it out the way and then I'm left with brushes that take half the time.

4 | Buy a cleaning glove
These gloves have been about for years now,I blogged about mineherein 2013 which I've been using ever since.It's just an oven glove from Amazon for under £5 and it works wonders.It speeds up the cleaning process as the glove does half the work,although yes it does look a little odd and my Mum thought I was strange for buying it,it's so worth it.

How often do you wash your makeup brushes??

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