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Blogging Mistakes I've Made

By 09:00

This is quite a light hearted post as I personally don't believe that there are *too* many rules for blogging.But I have made some mistakes and little errors in the past so I thought I'd share those with you today.

Forgetting to proof read my whole post| Okay so this one happened this past Friday.I was in a rush to make sure I published the post and I completely forgot to change the title,hence the '[UNFINSHED]' oops.(I add 'unfinished' to the title of a post that is written out but missing a picture for example).

Scheduling it for completely the wrong time| Sometimes I've ended up scheduling my posts for 2 months previous,which makes absolutely no sense so don't ask me how/why I've done that before.

Broken links| This one I'm still working on,but a good few years ago I changed my URL very slightly and so some of my really old posts have broken links.It's taken me quite a while to sort through them,but I'm slowly getting there.

Have you ever made blogging 'mistakes' like I have??

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