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Colour Changing Nails | Bluesky Gel Polish 024

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Last Christmas my brother bought me theSensationail Gel Starter Kitand I have been loving it since day one.I do however still need to review the set fully as I've just not got round to it (bad blogger alert!!) but today I'm sharing with you a nail polish I've been loving.

I will start out by saying that I borrowed this polish from a friend at work,but I had been looking at them on Amazon a while ago as they're only around£5.50which is a bargain compared to the Sensationail polishes which are £15 each.

The polish changes when the temperature changes so it's the same concept as mood rings which I used to love.I feel like I have 2 nail polishes for the price of one and I love it.When your fingers are warm the polish isblueand when you're cold the polish turns this beautifulpurplepictured above.

The polish lasted for 8-9 days before it started to chip which I am really impressed with considering the price difference between this polish and the Sensationail polishes.My nails usually chip within an hour or so of me applying a 'normal' non-gel polish so I am loving gel polish nails at the moment.

I also love how the polish reminds me of galaxy nails when it's transitioning between the shades.I will definitely be buying more of the Bluesky polishes when I can as there areso many shadesavailable on Amazon and they're reasonably priced.

Have you ever tried a colour changing nail polish??

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