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My Favourite Travel Brushes

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Recently I've found myself travelling quite a lot and so I've got used to packing up my brushes and makeup so I've learnt what brushes I can't live without.

Both theRT Buffing BrushandContour Brushare from theCore Collectionso you cannot buy them separately but I 100% recommend that if you don't already,you buy the Core Collection as I love it.I reviewed themhereback in 2013 and I still love them which is a pretty good sign.I swear by theBuffing Brushfor foundation and it's always my go to brush.

I have had about 4 of theELF Powder Brushesand I'm yet to find anything I prefer to apply my powder with and I've found one on iHerb for £1.94 which is a bargain so I'll be buying myself another one soon.

I boughtTopshop's Blush Brusha few years ago and I still love it.Although the packaging (can I say that for a brush?!) has changed and the brush now has pink and white bristles I'm sure that it still works just as well as my 'old' one.

Finally theRT Fan Brushis from the Sculpting Set (reviewhere)which I adore.I love the set in general but when I'm away I've only been taking the Fan Brush with me for highlighting.

ELF Eyeshadow C Brush// ELF Crease Brush// Next Eyebrow Brush // Primark Eyelash Curlers

I love theELF Eyeshadow C Brushfor just sweeping colour over my lid as it's just the right size and does the job,and is super affordable too.

Another brush I adore is theELF Crease Brushwhich I use for putting shadow in my crease and for blending (I have 2 of these,so one for each job).I can't fault these brushes at all as they're the perfect size for my crease and yet again,another bargain from ELF.

I picked up theNext Eyebrow Brusha few years ago in a set for about £5 and I've never needed to replace it ever since.However MUA have aneyebrow brushthat is only £1.50 which I think I'll try out.

If you've been keeping up with my blog you'll probably realise thatthese are now my favourite eyelash curlers and this photo was taken a while ago.Saying that,thesePrimark Eyelash Curlersstill do the job and were only £1,bargain!!

So there we have it,my favourite travel brushes that I swear by!Have you tried any of the brushes above?What are your favourite travel brushes??

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