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I've only ever done a couple of FOTD's before but I might start doing them more regularly,当我试图用不同的化妆品和改变我的日常生活。A few things are staple items for me though.我已经在这些产品上做了很多文章,所以它们将在文章中链接。

1)Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer| - £6.99
I appear to be constantly mentioning this primer but I absolutely love it.It's a drugstore product,so therefore isn't expensive at only £6.99.I've done a full post on this primer在这里.It makes my foundation stay on longer and it makes me skin smoother which makes application of my foundation and concealer easier.

2)Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum~ Shade 51 Vanille Claire| - £10.99
I've not been using this foundation long,但到目前为止,我真的很喜欢它。I'll be doing a whole review on it soon so look out for that!这是一个中等覆盖,但感觉皮肤轻。I mentioned it在这里in my 'Small Boots Haul' in case you wanted to see a better photo.

| 3)Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer10英镑
I bought this back in November and I do switch between concealers,但目前我需要更多的报道和一些东西来平衡红色,所以我一直在使用这个。I have already done a review of it在这里其中包括更好的照片和更多的细节!!

4)Mac矿物化天然皮肤护理~ Light | - £21
自从买了以后,我每天都用这个,so for me it's definitely worth the £21 I paid for it.我又发了一篇完整的帖子在这里.I didn't get on with theRimmel Stay哑光粉so I am glad I have found a powder that works for me!!

| 5)精灵眉毛套装~ Light | - £3.75
我用这个眉毛工具已经有6个月了,没有发现比这更好的了!I just use the wax side which you can see from这个帖子因为我打得很重。我对眉毛没什么作用,只是轻轻地把眉毛填满,so this works perfectly for me and it's super cheap too.

我四分之三自然系列脸红which are so affordable and so pigmented.Peach Melba is just a simple matte peach toned blush which would suit any skin tone.

| 7)17高强度液体眼线笔~ Blackbest Black | - £3.99
I prefer wearing liquid eyeliner as for me it stays on longer than kohl eyeliners when I'm doing winged eyeliner.This is so easy to use and lasts the whole day I'm wearing it.I'd recommend this if you're starting out using liquid eyeliner and want something that glides on.

| 8)Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara~ Superjet Black | £10
I got this mascara free with Elle magazine last year but I've only just got around to using it.我先把睫毛卷起来,再涂上一层,这样我的睫毛就大得多了!一旦我用完了,我肯定会重新购买这个(尽管我已经有一个备用的肥皂和荣耀,最好是从这个圣诞节的礼物集)。

| 9)Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner~ Black | £2.99
This was one of the first eyeliners I ever tried when I first started wearing make up.它是如此的柔软,使它应用如此迅速和容易。我把这个戴在上面的水线上,让我的睫毛看起来更丰满。It's also so cheap at only £2.99!!

这是我在博客上简要介绍的一个最近购买的产品在这里.I apply this to my bottom waterline just to brighten my eyes in the morning.I prefer using a nude eyeliner to a white one as it gives a more natural looking 'bright eye' rather than it being obvious you've applied eyeliner to brighten your eyes.As it's waterproof it's perfect for the waterline as well.

| 11)Revlon ColourBurst Lipgloss~草莓酱7.99英镑
最后我用了Revlon ColourBurst Lipgloss在里面草莓酱which I bought on a whim since it was on offer (the offer has since finished but靴子are always having offers so look out for them!)It's got a slight shimmer but not too much,and it isn't sticky at all which is why I love wearing it!!

What are your daily make up products??

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  1. 这似乎是一个可爱的产品组合使用!I've heard a lot about the ELF Eyebrow kit and it's usually good so might put it on my"to buy list"(从阅读所有这些博客开始,它变得越来越大了!)

    Bella and Roscoe

    1. Ah you definitely should!它很好,而且粉末也很好,但我只是没有用那么多。

  2. 我喜欢自然收藏的脸红,桃子梅尔巴将是我的最爱之一!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion,18新利手机版怎么下载美与生命

    1. So do I,such beautiful colours as well.很高兴找到质量好的,but cheap,哑光腮红!xx

  3. I love the look of the S&G mascara :) xo

    1. 这是一款神奇的睫毛膏!xx

  4. 我喜欢自然系列产品!!

    1. 我也是,such good quality considering the price!xx

  5. That Revlon gloss is a lovely colour!!有香味吗?x

  6. Great pictures and I loved reading what you thought of each product
    Your blog looks pretty and it would be great if we could follow each other xx Let me know by following me and commenting at www.imitationisthegreatestformofflattery.blogspot.co.uk

  7. 我真的很想看到那眼影,但却找不到X。

    1step closeverayday.blogspot.co.uk.英国