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October Spending Ban

By 11:00

I'm going to try and sort myself out in October,I've recently made a post on how I'm attemptingStoptoberand I'm also going to not buy anything throughout October.If I successfully do these two things,I'll save a lot of money.I'm hoping to then buy new winter clothes.

I'm only going to buy necessities,as I already have far too much make up that I don't get round to using.

This is just a basket of my current everyday make up.I always end up using the same products for a while,get bored and buy more products and repeat the process.I'm going to try and use a wider variety of products and get the most out of my 'collection'.Sometimes I feel like I buy make up just for the sake of it,and not because I need it.I'm going to try and stop doing that so I'll be able to save more money for uni!!


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  1. i totally need to do this!update us on how this goes :)


    1. I've done some posts on the things I've bought this month,so it's not going brilliantly!!