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November Wishlist

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You're probably getting sick of me mentioning my October spending ban,but recently I've been seeing so many products that I want to buy,so I thought making a wishlist would be a good way to show you.

Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of Lush,I think it's because I've not really been into having baths,I usually prefer to shower and then go to bed.I do have some bath bombs from Lushwhich I have been given as presents and I do love them still. However recently I've been finding having a bath much more appealing as it's so relaxing,so I thought since everyone raves about their products,Id see what's for sale currently.I get excited about Christmas (probably far too early) and so most of these products are from the Christmas range.

(Starting from top left*)

What's your favourite lush product??

*all photos are from theLushwebsite and I do not own them.

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  1. I don't go to Lush but I like their bath bombs they smell really good.I've never tried it but I pass by their store a lot and always smell them down the street haha.

  2. I have snow fairy from a couple of months a go.It's the old packaging though -_-