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Soap and Glory The Righteous Body Butter | Review

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The Christmas before last my Mum bought me aSoap and Glorygift box and it had theRighteous Body Butterin and this was the first time I'd triedSoap and Gloryand I was amazed.It smelt so good,but they were also good quality products.

So the other day I repurchased the Righteous Butter since my other was almost done,I wanted to make sure I had a back up.

It's a fairly thick formula,but not too thick that it doesn't sink into your skin for ages.It is also really moisturizing and although that sounds like a stupid thing to say since it is a moisturizer,some of them aren't that great!!

It's £10.50 for 300ml fromBootsbut it lasts forever,obviously not literally,but it lasts a long time.I would definitely say this is my favourite moisturizer and I'd recommend it to anyone.


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