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No7 Nail Varnish - Milan 110

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Bootsoften do the £5 off no7 vouchers and I realized I had one more day before mine ran out,so on my lunch break on Saturday I went into Boots to see what I could buy.As my Boots is quite small there's not a large selection of make up so I usually end up going for the nail varnishes,although if I had planned ahead I would of loved to buy theno7 highlighter.Anyway this is the nail varnish I purchased in the end.

I know you can't read the writing properly,but it's the best photo I could get!!

So as you can see it's such a beautiful colour!And the name is 'Milan 110' as you can see.I applied 2 coats and a top coat and this is the result!!

(p.s sorry about the pink hair dye on my hand,I've just dip dyed a strip of my hair pink and it won't come off my hand!)

Overall,I think this is my favourite no7 nail varnish because it hasn't chipped and it dries pretty quickly which I love because I'm impatient!!

Hope you're all doing well xx

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  1. This shade is gorgeous!!:)


  2. I love this colour and I think that all the Number 7 nail polishes are great quality!I did a post about my favourite nail polishes for the winter and this came top of my list!Thanks for the recommendation :D