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Small make up haul

By 16:42

I bought these things in a blog sale recently and here's what i got :)

So this is the first thing i got and it's just a light pink/nude lipgloss which smells amazing!I wouldn't wear it on it's own,but I'd definitly wear it over a nude lipstick :)

So this is the next thing i got next (I was most excited for this as i love blush!)

This is the colour before it's blended in,it's a really pretty pink but not so wearable...

And this is it blended out,its a really pretty colour :) it's not very autumnal but i'll save it for summer :)

Next up i got two nail varnishes

This is the first one which is a No 7 one and it's in the colour 'Temptress'

It's such a beautiful dark purple colour which is perfect for autumn/winter!!

Finally the last thing i bought was a mac nail varnish
It's such a gorgeous red and i can't wait to wear it!!

I'll make sure I do a nail of the day (NOTD) when i do :)

Hope everyone's okay xxx

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  1. I have that gloss - completely love it,but it's almost gone :( ♥

  2. I love the no7 polishes,hence all my hauls back along with me using all my no7 vouchers;) I have the lipgloss on today,I picked up loads when the offers were on still,it's my everyday gloss.


  3. Barry M lip glosses are sooooo Good.I LOVE IT!!!!


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. awh the Barry m lipglosses smell fantastic!the nial polish is such a pretty colour too <3